Anil Jethmal - Accomplished Professional

Anil Jethmal

Drawing on more than 27 years of experience in investments and securities, Anil Jethmal serves private clients. Prior to that, he held managing director positions at both Diversified Biotech Holding Corp., and with InvestPrivate, Inc. Anil Jethmal stands out as a former Senior Vice President with Smith Barney, Gilford Securities as well as with Gruntal & Co.

Acknowledged for his in-depth knowledge of securities investments, Anil Jethmal was featured in a chapter in The Winner's Circle 2: How 10 Stockbrokers Became the Best in the Business. This full-length book, published in the mid 1990's, more than quadrupled the total number of accounts under Mr. Jethmal's management.

Anil Jethmal balances his professional responsibilities with an active life as a husband and father. He enjoys relaxing and focusing his mind through the practice of meditation, which also serves as a link to his Indian heritage. Anil has travelled often to India. In addition, he has travelled extensively throughout Europe and the Far East. He particularly enjoys exploring world cultures through fine cuisine, counting among his most memorable dining experiences such world-class restaurants as the Savoy Grill in London, Le Colonial in New York, and La Tour D'Argent in Paris.